The ombuds

Beyond intervening as an ombuds for the benefit of employees,  Joëlle Thibault assists senior management and boards of directors by sharing her observations about systemic problems in the organization. The purpose of this exercise is to shed light on organizational blind spots and propose improvements that will address specific risks.

Indeed, as an ombuds, Joëlle Thibault can contribute to an organization’s sound management by collaborating in the overall monitoring of human resources and governance processes.

Helping organizations

In the current context of denunciation movements, such as #metoo, #blm and #jedenonce, organizations recognize the importance of preventing and quickly dealing with incivilities, disclosures and other delicate situations. They understand the issue and know that failing to be proactive can pose very real risks to the people in their organization as well as to their reputation.

Based on experience and empirical data she has collected over the years, Joëlle Thibault estimates that you can save at least four dollars for every dollar invested in ombuds services.

and on-demand

Ombuds services are offered according to an annual flat rate and on a case-by-case basis. The annual flat rate includes the availability of the ombuds and her team to support staff members by phone or electronically.

On-demand and case-by-case services are billed by the hour. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Face-to-face, telephone or videoconference meetings to address workplace issues or difficulties through coaching, mediation or recommendations
  • Systemic recommendations at the appropriate organizational level (HR, management or board of directors) regarding issues and optimization opportunities
  • Anonymous activity report and presentation of the report to employees, management and the board of directors
  • Consulting services for the effective handling of complex disputes (e.g., group complaint, restoration of a deteriorated work climate, abrasive management)
  • Mediation (individual or group)
  • Neutral assessment of the work climate
  • Individual coaching of senior executives on conflict management with optional use of the Boss Whispering® approach
  • Training in dispute prevention and resolution (incivility, discrimination, harassment, difficult work climate, etc.)
  • Implementation of an internal mediation or ombuds service

A unique

As a key figure in an organization’s resources, Joëlle Thibault plays a unique and complementary role compared to other options made available to employees.

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Appointments are offered via the GOrendezvous platform. You can also make appointments by email ( or by phone (1-833-902-8696). For more privacy, we encourage you to use a personal email address. Looking forward to meeting you!

Make an

Appointment is offered via the GOrendezvous platform. You can also do so by email ( or by phone (1-833-902-8696). For more privacy, we encourage you to use a personal email address. Looking forward to meeting you!