Who is Joëlle Thibault?


Joëlle Thibault is a recognized ombuds with more than 25 years of experience. She is a respected educator and coach in the field of dispute prevention and resolution.

She created the plateform  your ombuds to provide information about the ombuds services she offers.

Over the years, Joëlle has managed more than 3,000 cases as an ombuds and completed more than 2,000 coaching and mediation sessions.

She has acted as ombuds for various organizations, including as the Ombudsman for Clients at the National Bank of Canada. She is currently the Protectrice de la personne (Employee Ombuds) for Hydro-Québec and the designated ombuds for organizations of 250 to 20,000 employees.

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Why choose Joëlle Thibault as your ombuds?

For the well-being of your staff and a healthy work climate.

Having an in-house ombuds shows the importance that an organization attaches to the well-being and mental health of its staff as well as to creating and maintaining a healthy work climate. The presence of an ombuds within an organization brings several advantages.

In addition to intervening directly with staff members and managers to help them deal with their disputes in real time, as an ombuds, Joëlle Thibault contributes to the organization’s long-term relational health, notably by helping senior management identify blind spots and systemic risks and review practices related to the organization’s challenges.

As a key figure in an organization’s resources, Joëlle Thibault plays a unique and complementary role compared to other options made available to staff members.

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What is Joëlle Thibault's philosophy?

To do everything possible to encourage healthy relationships at work.

Joëlle Thibault’s practice is guided by ethical values and principles, including simplicity, respect, empathy, fairness and accessibility, and is aimed toward promoting dispute resolution.

Joëlle believes that:

  • most of the tensions in the work environment can be resolved simply, through informal interventions such as discussion, coaching or mediation;
  • ombuds’ interventions make it possible to find creative, humane solutions adapted to the situation, whatever its complexity;
  • an organization that emphasizes relational health should offer several intervention options to its employees and managers, including ombuds services.
  • ombuds’ work helps to reduce recourse to the courts and to divert situations that are only partially addressed by legal frameworks and processes;
  • the ombuds contributes to the United Nation’s sustainable development targets by facilitating access to swift and equitable resolution mechanisms.

Appointments are offered via the GOrendezvous platform. You can also make appointments by email (joelle@yourombuds.ca) or by phone (1-833-902-8696). For more privacy, we encourage you to use a personal email address. Looking forward to meeting you!

Make an

Appointment is offered via the GOrendezvous platform. You can also do so by email (joelle@yourombuds.ca) or by phone (1-833-902-8696). For more privacy, we encourage you to use a personal email address. Looking forward to meeting you!